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Weird Romantic Adventure Game Otaku’s Adventure Out Now on TapTap

by Megusta Trần

A month or so ago we told you that Otaku’s Adventure, a strange point-and-click game that sees you romancing three different women and embarking on bizarre quests, was set to land on Android in May. And now it has. So there.

The game is all about finding your true love. There are three women you’re trying to seduce, and depending on the choices you make you’re going to engage in wildly different courtships. How wildly different?

Well you might go on a secret op to save the world, blast off into space to get away from alien kidnappers or end up fighting for your life against a bunch of monsters. So yeah, pretty wildly different.

As you might imagine there are multiple endings to discover, some of which involve you dying. And there are puzzles to try and solve, a bunch of characters to meet and all kinds of silliness waiting for you.

Otaku’s Adventure has launched exclusively on TapTap for the time being, and it’s running a launch sale that’ll let you grab it for $1.99 instead of $2.99. You can click here to download the game from the TapTap store.

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